Super-Nuova™ Multi-Position Digital Stirrers

Carry out solubility studies, digestion, titration and enzymatic studies with Thermo Scientific™ Super-Nuova™ Multi-Position Digital Stirrers. Offering four individually-controlled stirring positions, ceramic tops and 4-function memory, these stirrers are designed for stronger coupling and stirring control with advanced safety features. Ideal for labs with multiple users.

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Key Features

  • Thermo Scientific™ Stir Trac™ stir control provides improved slow-speed stirring, consistent speed, and strong magnetic coupling — reducing the risk of stir bar decoupling
  • Microprocessor control ensures accurate and stable setpoints for stirring speed
  • Stir Trac braking feature brings stir bar to an immediate stop for quick flask removal
  • Single control knob controls speed; lock feature prevents accidental changes
  • Digital rpm display
  • Clean easily and resist alkalis and acids
  • Seamless, reflective white ceramic surface aids sample visibility
  • Stirring adjustable in units of 1rpm
  • RS-232 port outputs time count, stir speed (set point) directly to your PC

Safety Features

  • Rugged low-profile cast-aluminum body provides stability and durability
  • Unit design protects internal components from accidental spills
  • Walk-away timer shuts off stirring after 1, 2, 4, 8, or 12 hr.


  • Detachable line cord and plug
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