AC 3500 - Automated Modular Tunnel Washer

AC 3500 tunnel washer is designed to clean, sanitize and dry cages and utensils used in animal research laboratories. Steelco tunnel washer assures higher throughput, effective waste separation, and water and energy conservation. Each tunnel chamber is provided with a hinged glass door for visual inspection.

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The combination of high pressure and flow rate ensures excellent washing and rinsing performance, with a productivity of up to 750 cages per hour. To support the growing demand for a compact system for the automatized handling of cages, the system can be integrated with robot technology for loading and unloading procedures.

AC 3500 offers an integrated and flexible solution composed of separate modules with dedicated functions – loading, pre-wash, acid/Alkaline wash, rinse and final rinse, drying, and unloading – to wash almost all the cage types available on the market and used in animal research laboratories. Modules can be added or removed for customized solutions. All the modules are available in the 900mm / 36″, 1100mm / 44″, and 1200mm / 48” transport belt width.

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