LAB Dryer - Compact Underbench Glassware Dryer.

Lab Dryer is an under-counter glassware dryer suitable for a wide range of laboratory glassware, specially designed to work in conjunction with the LAB 500 series. The two separate drying injection connections allow the use of all the dedicated LAB 500 series upper and lower washing carts. The automatic glassware washer can be loaded for the next cycle by using an external device to skip the drying phase. This combination provides the same throughput of glassware as two individual glassware washers.

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The upper-level telescopic bearing rails enable the use of specific upper wash carts. The drop-down door provides a loading platform for convenient loading and unloading procedures for lower and dual injection wash carts. The Hepa 14 filtered forced hot air drying system with upper and lower connections helps achieve comprehensive drying of your glassware.

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