Steelco Bedpan Washer, Model BP 100 H

The BP 100 H Series of bedpan washers is a medium-capacity multi-functional aid capable of holding all the receptacles commonly used in hospitals, such as bedpans, urine, and suction bottles. The disinfectors can handle a simultaneous treatment of one urine bottle and one bedpan or up to four urine bottles. The internal part of the washing chamber is manufactured with rounded corners and the interior side of the door is provided with smooth edges, thus eliminating the risk of accumulation of dirt and bacteria growth.

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The BP 100 H series can be customized in three different configurations, with manual, automatic, or semiautomatic doors.


Processing Capacity

Simultaneous treatment of 1 urine bottle and 1 bedpan with lid or up to 4 urine bottles.

Washing Efficiency

Efficient tested cleaning results are achieved thanks to many fixed and rotating nozzles which provide optimum water distribution inside and outside the treated items.

Self-Disinfecting Device

Steam is conveyed through the washing nozzles to ensure the complete disinfection of the washing circuit during each process.

Hands-Free Opening

Door opening controlled by an infra-red sensor, allowing hand-free loading, without any physical contact with the washer. Available in some models only.

Drying and Cooling Efficacy

High-efficiency Hepa 14 filtered drying/cooling fan system provides even and fast-drying, guaranteeing all receptacles to be rapidly dried and cooled down.

Elbow Buttons

A hygienic, fast and easy way to start the cycle hands-free for maximum safety.

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