Drying and Warming Cabinets

Steelco, Italy

Equipment and services for the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of reusable medical instruments.
Outstanding solutions focused on quality, safety, productivity and environmental compatibility.
Steelco can provide washer disinfectors for small practices, up to high productivity devices and full system planning service to support CSSD team Managers in customizing lay-out configuration for new or restructured projects.


Drying Cabinets

Cabinets are available in single door or double door pass through versions with glass doors for a rapid visual inspection of the stored items. Full width shelves dedicated to instruments, equipment and general items, to mixed solutions for anaesthesia items and instruments.

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Steelco ID 300 drying cabinet is available in single door or double door pass-through version with glass door for a rapid visual inspection of the stored item.

Separate drying of anesthetic and instrument accessories can increase the throughput capacity of a washer disinfector. Drying cabinets can accept a load volume of more than 2 units of washer disinfectors.


  • Lockable doors are reversible and configurable right or left opening also during installation.
  • Capacity up to nr. 18 DIN 1/1 trays on 9 removable shelves, supplied with nr. 8 shelves.
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