Cleaning Machines for Syringes - Rotary Washing up to 9,000 pc/h

Type 303-304

Type 303-304 machines can be used as a stand-alone washer or integrated into a fully automatic line. The containers are washed and dried internally at several cleaning stations. External washing and drying complete the cleaning of containers achieving up to 3 log reduction. An optional recycling station, Type 705, provides cost-efficient reconditioning of used cleaning agents.


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Main Features:

  • Designed from high-grade stainless steel and pharmaceutical grade plastics
  • Smooth container handling using coated grippers
  • Cost-effective WFI recycling unit
  • Different cleaning agents can be used
  • Energy-efficient cleaning needle design
  • Needle movement allows for efficient cleaning of the entire inside of the container
  • No glass to glass contact during the cleaning cycles
  • Optional siliconization with servo-controlled needle movement allows customized
  • Silicone patterns
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