Steelco Drying Cabinet, Model ID 300

ID 300 is an instrument drying cabinet that provides fast drying of instruments, equipment, and general items for up to 16 DIN 1/1 trays on eight shelves. HEPA 14 filtered airflow circulation ensures items’ storage in a controlled environment.

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Available as single or double interlocked doors for pass-through versions, ID 300 features a full glass door that guarantees a rapid visual inspection of the stored items. A LED display control panel allows easy setting of working temperature and duration.


High Capacity

Up to 18 DIN 1/1 trays on 9 removable shelves.

Hygienic Design

High-quality AISI 304 external frame, panels, shelves and shelve guide, for long-term reliability and cleanliness.

Drying Efficacy

HEPA H14 filtered warm airflow, for a uniform temperature distribution within the cabinet.


Available as a single door or double door pass-through version, its HST temperate double glass hinged door is reversible and configurable for right or left opening.

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