Sterility Testing Isolator

Sterility Testing Isolator

The Sterility Testing Isolator is a cGMP Class A/ISO 5 custom-designed isolator system specifically designed for Sterility Testing, according to customer’s requirements.

These parameters were pinned out to bestow the safest and most ergonomic working conditions during Quality Control Operations.

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  • Fully PLC controlled isolator system (Siemens S7-1500)
  • Integrated VPHP generator (HYPER) and distribution circuit
  • Integrated VPHP sensor for TLV monitoring (safety sensor)
  • Integrated VPHP sensors for chambers’ concentration monitoring (High / Low values)
  • Integrated Non-viable (Particle) monitoring
  • Integrated Viable (Microbial) monitoring
  • Rapid Transfer Ports (mod. DPTE 190-XS)
  • VPHP resistant anemometer
  • VPHP resistant relative humidity and temperature (rH%+T) sensors
  • Integrated Sliding Control Cabinet made of AISI 316L stainless steel
  • View/Access panel latches with integrated safety switches
  • LED lighting system
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