AC 1500 - The ultimate generation of cage and bottle washer

Steelco AC 1500 cabinet washer is the perfect solution for your small-medium facility needs or the ideal backup unit for your large vivarium and laboratories.

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AC 1500 features an automatic vertical space-saving sliding up door made of double HST tempered glass, granting total visual monitoring of the process. Available as a single door or double door version for pass-through application, the device offers the highest levels of cleaning efficacy, final rinse temperature is guaranteed to reach 85°C/185°F, water is sprayed through an independent rinsing circuit.

Electrical or steam heated, the units are equipped with 1 chemical dosing pump as standard, controlled by a microprocessor which allows to set the optimal dosing level for each type of cycle. Additional dosing systems can be added upon request. The washer can be equipped with dedicated accessories for the optimized loading of animal cages, feeding bottles, aquatic tanks and rabbit pans.

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