LAB 500 Series - Compact Underbench Glassware Washers

The LAB 500 Series of compact under-bench glassware washers offers optimal cleaning performance for small and medium-sized laboratories where space is at a premium. LAB 500 next-generation laboratory washers share the washing technology of higher-throughput devices, providing unmatched flexibility, excellent cleaning, and drying efficacy. The models of the series are capable of injection washing and drying on up to two independent levels.

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An electronic temperature control system with two independent probes guarantees permanence at 93°C/199F ensuring cycle efficiency in terms of performance and duration. The HEPA 14 filtered forced air drying system (available on some models) helps achieve complete drying of your glassware’s exterior and interior. Ergonomics telescopic bearing rails enable easy and safe loading and unloading of glassware.

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