Climatic Chamber


Kambic Metrology offer 25 years of experience in the field of design and production of laboratory and process equipment. It is a company specialised in designing, developing and manufacturing of high-quality laboratory and process equipment. Kambic’s chambers offer unbeatable performance, with highly impressive stability and uniformity.

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Climatic Chamber

Designed for demanding environmental simulations, Kambic Climate Chambers produce an extremely uniform and stable temperature and humidity distribution. Humidity is maintained accurately and quickly, thanks to the innovative dew point humidity control. Quiet operation and availability of carbon-neutral models distinguish Kambic climate chambers as high-end products for research and development studies, quality control, production facilities and laboratory testing. With our environmental test chambers, you can perform precise temperature and climatic tests, weather, ageing and stability tests.


  • Temperature ranges: 5°C ... 95°C (any size), -40°C ... 180°C (LT − version), -75°C ... 180°C (ULT − version)
  • Innovative system, which enables the uniform and stable temperature and Rh field throughout the entire working temperature range.
  • Process control through the user-friendly controller with an LCD display and program - Mable functions (10 programs, 10 steps, cycling, controlled passes-grades….)
  • PID temperature and relative humidity controller
  • Rh control with a ‘dew-point’ system
  • 0.1°C temperature setting and display resolution
  • 1% relative humidity setting and display resolution
  • Double protection system against the high temperatures
  • The interior chamber fully made of stainless steel AISI 304 highly polished
  • The exterior made of aluminized sheet, powder coated (RAL 7035)
  • Stainless steel wire shelves
  • Simple temperature and Rh calibration
  • Acoustic and visual alarm
  • Wide selection of optional equipment


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