Daihan Fume Hood

DAIHAN® Vertical Clean Bench / Filtered PCR Cabinet. Class 100 HEPA Filter of efficiency up to 99.97% & 0.3 micron size. Mesh Guard for HEPA Filter Protection. Easy to Exchange HEPA Filter. 8 Steps Air Velocity Control. Safety UV Protection System. High Performance of Touch Controller-Easy to use.

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Fume Hood I

Design and Performance are conform to International Standard
  • SEFA 1-2002
  • ASHRAE 110-95
  • AS2243-8
  • EN14175
  • BS 7258


Built-in Sirocco Fan on the Top
Compact designed centrifugal suction and blower
Air Leak Proof Cabinet Structure
With high clean stainless steel interior work station and epoxy powder coated steel exterior for long durability
Tempered Safety Glass Sliding Door
For maintain high quality cleanliness and for clear view operated by counter balanced weight
Low Noise Level and Vibration Free
56-60 dB high efficiency sirocco fan blower

Microprocessor Digital Controller
Automatic compensated Air Velocity control and low air velocity alarm system and temperature monitor at working for data logging

Inflow Air Velocity Control
Range 0.3m/s to1.0m/s

Mechanical Design Structure
High durable and sturdy base cabinet and Fume Cupboard

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