AC 1200 - Compact Cage and Bottle Washer

AC 1200 is a compact size washing device specially designed to wash and sanitize all types of animal care equipment of your vivarium: cages, feeding bottles, and fish tanks. The compact design grants the highest flexibility of installation and minimizes operating costs.

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Available as a single door or double door version for pass-through application, the device offers the highest levels of cleaning efficacy, with micro-organisms’ thermal/chemical destruction by rinsing at 85°C / 185F through an independent hydraulic circuit ensuring a contamination-free environment. Electrical or steam heated, as standard the unit is equipped with a single dosage unit for chemicals, additional dosing systems can be added upon request.

AC 1200 features an upper drop-down vertical space-saving sliding loading door. The lower section of the door, when open, acts as a loading platform for the loading tray allowing a convenient loading and unloading job. A comprehensive range of dedicated accessories allows for the optimized loading of animal cages and washing carts with injection systems for bottles.

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