Photo Bioreactors

By using the IKA photo bioreactors, the cultivation of phototrophic microorganisms such as microalgae or cyanobacteria are, under carefully controlled conditions in a closed system, easily possible. Closed systems are particularly interesting in the field of research where a high microbial purity level has to be reached and contamination risks have to be reduced to a minimum. Photo bioreactors create a natural environment to grow microorganisms for scientific purposes such as for drug discovery or translational science.

By leaving the source of light apart the device can be used as a conventional bioreactor as well as a fermenter.

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Algaemaster 10 control

The Algaemaster 10 is a photo bioreactor - the perfect equipment for scientists to re-create the ideal conditions for growing phototrophic organisms such as microalgae. These are increasingly of interest for translational science; e.g. drug discovery in the pharmaceutical industry.

Key features

  • Ocean water resistant and completely autoclavable lid and vessel
  • Metal-free components for metal-sensitive organisms
  • Material touching the product: borosilicate glass, PTFE, Ultem®
  • Computerized control of lighting, temperature, stirring, pH and dosing of liquid or gas
  • Customizable lid with nine receptacles
  • Effortless data collection via USB drive

Key components
10 L jacketed reactor vessel
Quick fit connectors enable simple use of an IKA chiller with the system. When using a temperature sensor or pH sensor a minimum working volume of six liters is required.

The controller provides all features necessary for the growing process of the organisms. Two large displays allow simple monitoring of all software settings during trial run period. Nutrients and other liquids can be added by using two peristaltic pumps. Gas is supplied by two gas flow meters. The top and rear controllers provide different interfaces such as RS232 and USB to download data by connecting the device to a PC. With its slim design, it can sit right next to the reactor on the bench.

LED light panels
Two panels for individual and variable lighting conditions are included in the delivery. A total of four panels can be connected at once.

The customizable lid can be autoclaved. It is made of Ultem® thermoplastic that has been tested for durability. Sensors such as pH or PT 100 for temperature are inserted through the lid using receptables (6, 8, 12 mm openings; 1/2" NPT threaded).

The speed range of the stirrer is 10 - 100 rpm. The agitator itself is PTFE-coated. The propeller elements are height-adjustable, making it versatile to recreate different wave movement, depending on the species/sample.

Scope of delivery

  • 10 l jacketed reactor vessel with quick fit connectors
  • Lid made of Ultem®
  • Controller unit
  • 2 LED light panels
  • PT 100 temperature sensor
  • pH sensor
  • Sparger
  • Base plate
  • Stirrer motor and stirring element with two height adjustable propellers

Scope of delivery

  • Algaemaster 10 control
  • Algaemaster
  • Reactor vessel incl. lid, lock, motor coupling and base plate
  • Motor
  • 2 LED panels
  • Gas intake tube
  • Hoses
  • pH probe
  • temperature sensor


IKA Photo Bioreactors Algaemaster 10 control



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