Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator

Hiranuma Sangyo, Japan

Hiranuma Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator

Hiranuma Karl Fischer Volumetric high-end titrator is the perfect choice for a very wide range from 10ppm to 100% water content with its maximum capability for automation and future upgradability. Small-volume titration cell requires only 20mL of titration solvent for accurate measurements. Less reagent volume reduces waste and easy to replace with fresh solvent for the next measurement. Two KF channels can run in parallel combining one additional KF station with either a volumetric or coulometric module enables two different measurements to be performed at the same time. With both a volumetric and coulometric channel, one can measure moisture over the entire range from a few ppm to 100% or double your sample throughput with 2 identical KF stations. Compact additional burets and easy snap-on buret-heads are useful for quick KF reagent exchange or back titration applications. Current status, data and function keys are displayed on a colorful and large screen. All helpful and necessary information is always at hand. Result data with curves can be viewed on your PC internet browsing program without optional software. Enhanced memory data capacity to save and load parameters and results via USB flash memory. Built-in thermal printer for easy paper loading. high resolution, clear printout.

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