Stand-alone Fiber Optic Oxygen Transmitters

PreSens, Germany

PreSens Precision Sensing offers a variety of sensor probes, meters and complete systems for optical measurements of oxygen, pH, and carbon dioxide. More than 1,000 articles are on stock for fast delivery – including OEM components. In addition, PreSens is in the position to customize optical sensor components to meet your special application.

Fiber Optic Oxygen Meters

PreSens offers compact benchtop and portable fiber optic oxygen meters, as well as systems for direct installation inside shaking incubators, and detector units for O2 imaging. The optical oxygen meters can be used with different sensor designs, and trace oxygen meters can furthermore be combined with sensors for different measurement ranges

Optical Oxygen Measurement System

Optical Oxygen Measurement System

Oxygen is probably the most often monitored parameter in research and different industries, from assessing microbial activity, over determining the leak tightness of packages to oxygen monitoring in natural gas pipelines. With numerous sensor designs, different fiber optic meters and systems for highly parallelized measurements PreSens can deliver an optical oxygen measurement system for almost any application.

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