Shake Flask Reader

PreSens, Germany

PreSens Precision Sensing offers a variety of sensor probes, meters and complete systems for optical measurements of oxygen, pH, and carbon dioxide. More than 1,000 articles are on stock for fast delivery – including OEM components. In addition, PreSens is in the position to customize optical sensor components to meet your special application.

The SFR Shake Flask Reader monitors pH, oxygen and OUR in up to 9 Erlenmeyer flasks, cultivation tubes, or T-flasks simultaneously. It fits in nearly all standard shakers. Measurement data is transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth to your PC / notebook. The corresponding ready-to-use vessels contain pre-calibrated sensor spots. The system monitors non-invasively through the transparent bottom of the container. Different types and sizes of flasks and tubes are available. Plastic, disposable flasks contain pre-calibrated oxygen and pH sensors, while re-usable glass flasks are equipped with autoclavable oxygen sensors.

  • Fast monitoring of up to 63 shake flasks in parallel
  • For microbial and cell culture
  • Pre-calibrated cultivation vessels are ready-to-use
  • Compatible with standard shakers
  • Glass & plastic flasks in different sizes available
  • Non-invasive measurement
  • Used in seed train & bioprocess development
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