Reaction Sorption Systems

TRL, Turkey

TRL develop, design, manufacture, processes and equipment, for research, production, analysis in the field of reaction engineering, sorption studies and catalysis research environmental monitoring bioprocesses for development of future energy resources and processes protection of environment

Process Design

Reaction systems are designed and manufactured based on the users’ needs such as studying a reaction kinetics at laboratory and pilot scale, catalyst screening or development. We offer TRL-RXN systems as it will provide best solution to your applications.

TRL-RXN systems consist of four main units such as upstream conditioning, reaction/sorption, downstream conditioning and analysis.

Plug Flow Reactor and Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor in our portfolio and these are for student laboratories in chemical engineering departments of colleges and universities.

PFR systems are designed to monitor a liquid phase reaction taking place in tubular reactor. Maximum versatility, ease of use. Operator adjustable reactor temperature. Operator adjustable reactant flow rate and concentration are basic features. All wetted parts are either PTFE or SS316.

TRL-CSTR system is designed to monitor a liquid phase reaction taking place in a stirred tank. Maximum versatility ease of use operator adjustable reaction temperature and reactant flow rates are the basic features. Wetted parts are PTFE and pyrex glass.

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