Pure Steam Generators

Purified Water & Pure Steam Generation Production

Reverse Osmosis is a widely used technology for the obtaining of purified water. It protects the system from salts and bacteria and, together with the constant deionization, it guarantees a never stopping purified water quality.

Otherwise the Pure steam generator has been designed to produce saturated and pyrogen free, in accordance with the international Pharmacopeias and the CGMP-FDA. Pure steam resolves any problem of sterilization of pharmaceutical equipment and process lines (reactors, autoclaves, sanitary piping, storage tank, preparation vessel, etc).

Storage Tanks & Distribution


GDN TANK is a society specialized in the production of stainless steel tanks for the storage of purified or injectable water. They can be in pressure or atmospheric, destined to pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries and much more. Thanks to its edge technology concerning the welding and the treatment of the tank surfaces, we guarantee an excellent qualitative production.

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