Moisture Analyzer

Precisa Gravimetrics AG, Switzerland

Precisa Gravimetrics AG, Switzerland is a world leader in Micro-balances. Precisa’s innovation enables the company to offer the very latest in advanced analytical and semi-micro balance technology, in terms of electronics, mechanics and user-friendliness, at extremely attractive prices. Precisa continually invests heavily in the development of new technologies and funds comprehensive, wide-ranging research by an in-house team of highly skilled engineers and technicians at the Swiss headquarters.

Precisa Moisture Analyzers

Precisa Moisture Analyzer meets the highest international quality standards. Precisa has developed an instrument which not only provides a high degree of precision, but also offers an outstanding array of additional options. This will fit perfectly into your IT environment and has integrated USB and RS232 connections to external PC’s and equipment.

Generous memory capacity, optimum control for measuring processes and state-of-the-art, user-friendly high-end weighing technology are its most impressive features.

Precisa moisture analyzers are robust, perfectly accurate and simple to operate. Thanks to the high thermal values, moisture analyzer delivers quick and accurate results. Irrespective of your analysis criteria, the widest range of analysis options are at your disposal. These moisture analyzers deliver rapid moisture results for sewage and waste water treatment plants. The increased weighing range of 310g enables both the use of heavier tare vessels and greater specimen quantities. The moisture analyzer offers the option to store four weighing results which make it possible to calculate the ash residue after ashing of the specimen has been completed externally.

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