Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator

Hiranuma Sangyo, Japan

Hiranuma Automatic Titrator

Hiranuma Automatic Titrators are designed to meet the needs of customers now and in the future. Large sized color graphics LCD displays real-time titration curves and differential curves to show reaction tendencies, etc. All information is easily viewed. Results data and curves can be displayed on a PC with no optional software. The titration results and titration conditions including titration/differential curve data can be stored on a USB JumpDrive. To edit and view the data stored in the USB, an optional software“Titra-Net Viewer” is necessary. Buret precision test, electrode calibration, reagent remaining volume indication, and other useful functions for maintenance. Up to four titrations can run in parallel at the same time. Setting password administration allows setting the authority of operation limits for each user.

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