Bioreaction Systems Fermenters

TRL, Turkey

TRL develop, design, manufacture, processes and equipment, for research, production, analysis in the field of reaction engineering, sorption studies and catalysis research environmental monitoring bioprocesses for development of future energy resources and processes protection of environment

Process Design

Wide range of body material options for key applications in bioprocesses: borosilicate glass, stainless steel, PTFE or PTFE lined. Batch, continuous or fed-batch systems are available in aerobic or anaerobic conditions.

Reaction Volume for Every Biological Processes

Starting from small volume 0.5 L for cultivation and up to 50 L for lab/pilot scale bioprocess operations.

Autoclavable Parts

For small size culture vessel sterilization; glass vessels, all piping and sensors are compatible with autoclave

Monitoring and Control



Thorough Mixing

Baffle enhanced efficient mixing preventing vortex formation. Adjustable speed with high/low torque options.

Sterile Bioprocess Operations

Working with fungi, bacteria, vaccine, recombinant protein, biopolimerization, yeast development, organisms, cell culture and any other microbiological process requires sterile operation with hygenic conditions. We carefully select all parts of the bioprocess reaction system, suitable for autoclave and/or fully automated SIP. FDA approved bioprene and stainless steel tubings are selected for transfer pipes, fittings and lines. These details therefore, allows precise and sterile operations.



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